Product Overview

ClientSuite® is a comprehensive, real-time, web-based application that enables providers and state and county agencies to efficiently manage client data for drug and alcohol and mental health treatment. From intake and assessment through follow-up care, billing and receiving payments, ClientSuite keeps all of a client's information in one, secure place. ClientSuite was developed specifically for the drug and alcohol and mental health treatment industries and is designed to meet your client management needs with automated reporting features and immediate access to data.

You'll find HIPAA-compliant ClientSuite saves you time and money. Our goal is to help you spend less time on paperwork so you can spend more time on client care.

Flexible and Systematic
You can subscribe to the complete ClientSuite application or select just the modules you need with a custom package. In either case, you'll find ClientSuite a cost-effective solution for managing clients. Click here to review available ClientSuite modules.

Because ClientSuite was designed with extensive industry input, information flows through the system in a logical and efficient manner resulting in improved productivity. It eliminates the need for duplicate entries within the system and automatically updates to the State's CIS system (PA only) resulting in substantial timesavings. ClientSuite streamlines your processes from initial client contact, through:

Intake and Assessment
Case Management
Treatment Planning
Payment Control
SCA Fund Management

In addition, ClientSuite has safeguards in place to minimize mistakes, improve compliance and increase the reliability of outcomes.

Immediate and Efficient Billing and Data Management
ClientSuite will help your organization increase revenue, cash flow and the number of claims paid. ClientSuite's billing module handles all account receivables and insurance billing. You can even bill different insurers within the same patient record.

Invoicing itself is simple whether the invoice is directed to individuals, government entities or private insurers. ClientSuite includes internal controls to prevent common coding errors and incorporates procedures to expedite cash flow. It also greatly simplifies budget development and grant requests.

Reporting is easy, powerful and complete. Your CIS information will be captured and transferred electronically to automate communication with Single County Authorities (PA Only). All of Pennsylvania's Screening Instrument for Initial Placement (SIIP) information is available, with immediate access to authorizations, referrals and client status. In addition, ad hoc reporting capabilities are available for each client. You can also select from our list of pre-designed reports. ClientSuite will automatically produce your HCFA, UB92 and Pennsylvania's SCA310 invoices, as well as other required State reports.

We offer secure hosting options designed to meet every budget. The data center provides 24/7 reliability with electronic monitoring and technicians onsite 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A backup generator is on hand in the event of complete power failure. And all data is backed up weekly with both on-site and off-site storage of data files.
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ClientSuite greatly improves your operation’s efficiency so clinicians can spend less time on paperwork and more time focusing on quality of care.

ClientSuite can accommodate both small organizations with only a few users, as well as large organizations with several users.

Flexible hosting options to meet every budget.

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