Subscribe to the complete ClientSuite application or select just the modules individual users need - the choice is yours. Either way, you will gain control of your client data, improve processes, increase efficiency and benefit from system integration. If you decide you want to add offices or satellite locations to your system, we can do that at any time. Just call us and we'll help you design the package that's right for you.

Comprehensive Modules

  1. Intake/Assessment Collect client demographics and track clients through the entire intake, assessment and discharge process. Data is shared throughout the entire process in a secure, centralized database.
    • Automatically updates the Pennsylvania State Client Information System (CIS).
    • Includes Pennsylvania's Integrated Screening Instrument for Initial Placement (SIIP) dual diagnosis tool.
    • Generates custom forms and narratives.

  2. Case Management Assess and track client progress as treatment is received from one or multiple Providers.
    • Automated progress notes
    • Service plans.
    • PCPCs.
    • The ability to track ongoing scores for ASI, APSI, and ISS assessment results.

  3. Treatment Planning Create customized treatment plans, treatment narratives and track progress toward goals. Start each treatment plan from scratch or use time saving templates as a starting point and customize from there. Includes:
    • Status, problems, goals and objectives,
    • Integrated progress notes, and
    • Treatment plan forms.

  4. Billing ClientSuite eliminates the need to re-enter client data into separate billing systems and helps improve cash flow through quick and accurate processing of invoices. Through the collection of treatment data, the necessary information for invoicing is captured by default. The system tracks authorization requirements and prompts the user to request authorizations when required. Payer-specific setup features and data integrity checks help to reduce billing errors and minimize rejected claims. And, billing exception reports help users correct data entry errors that do occur, prior to invoicing. The application also produces insurance forms as designated by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

    Code lists can be customized specific to your facility from a complete database of ICD-9-CM, CPT and HCPCS codes. Automatically generate CMS1500, CMS1450 and SCA310 invoices. Billing reports provide billing personnel with up-to-the-minute status of all service transactions.

  5. Authorizations ClientSuite's Authorization Tracking Module is integrated with service entry to reduce delays in billing and automatically update authorization status. Participating SCAs can electronically approve authorization requests to further expedite the billing process.

    Authorization reports provide up-to-date information to therapists regarding the status of each client's authorizations allowing them to keep authorizations current. ClientSuite also provides instant notice of expiring authorizations.

    • Increased visibility to authorization requirements.
    • Online reports to alert users of expiring authorizations.
    • Electronic authorization requests and approval.

  6. Payment Control ClientSuite helps process cash and other payment forms to improve internal accounting procedures.
    • Allows for multiple payers to be associated with a single client.
    • Easily transfer charges to a new payer when the initial payer has denied payment or partial payment has been received.
    • Company defined adjustment reason codes.

  7. SCA Fund Management ClientSuite allows the SCA (Single County Authority) to enter fund balances and track the encumbered, spent and remaining balances on a real-time basis. The electronic authorization process between Provider and SCA will encumber dollars through online authorizations and will track spent dollars through the Payment Control process at the Provider site. This module also provides all of the demographic and fiscal information that is required to produce the annual report required by the state.

  8. Reporting The Reporting Module lets you easily view real-time information online and generates accurate forms and reports as well as statistical demographic reporting. You can customize the reports using the ad-hoc reporting tool and templates and download data extracts for your external reporting needs.

  9. Administration ClientSuite lets you customize application features according to your business needs. You can also control individual user permissions and access.

ClientSuite enables you to reduce the amount of time it takes for intake/assessment, generating reports and billing and cash flow management. It also provides real-time access to client information with automatic updates.

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